About Us

Excellerated Performance, LLC was founded by Michael Caceci in 2001 to provide high-value consulting and professional development services to organizations and individuals. Since then, Excellerated Performance has expanded our offerings and gained an unparalleled reputation among our clients for delivering superior services and keeping our word.

Typical Training and Development

People create strategies and implement plans. People make, sell and deliver products and services. People make processes work, impact customer loyalty, drive revenues and profits. People deliver results.

Yet too often, organizations hire for skills, train for skills, and assume results will follow, only to be disappointed when their people don’t meet expectations. That’s because it takes more than job skills to achieve excellence. Multiple factors drive performance and determine results. These factors are overlooked in traditional skills-based training—the type that most people get—whether delivered in a classroom or through online virtual learning.

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What Makes Excellerated Performance Different

We organize a process to meet the desired outcome. We base it on a proven formula for delivering results and creating real change.

Attitude (Skills & Knowledge) + Goals => Behavioral Change => Improved Results

To improve results, people need to experience positive behavioral change. Change happens when people know how to set and achieve goals, develop skills and knowledge, and understand how their internal attitudes determine how they apply skills and knowledge.

Our approach works for strategy, people, and processes. We combine innovative learning methods with professional materials, reinforcement, and follow-up. Clients see tangible results on their investment with us. The Excellerated Performance process for creating change offers several distinct benefits:

  • Strategy and planning, professional development, and process improvement initiatives are far more effective when people can work on them in time-specific, properly spaced sessions in which different teaching and coaching methods accommodate different learning styles.
  • Multiple sessions, combined with spaced repetition learning, eliminates the problem of trying to cover too much information in too little time. We avoid a key shortcoming of traditional training programs and “one-size fits all” seminars.
  • We come to you. Your workdays and schedules are not disrupted by off-site travel.
  • “Practice doesn’t make perfect—practice makes permanent.” In our sessions, people practice in a safe setting. Participants apply newly-acquired knowledge and skills to reinforce what they learn. We provide coaching and feedback between sessions, and we’re always available by phone and e-mail to answer participant and client questions.
  • We measure progress, results, and participants’ ability to retain what they learn in our professional development programs.

All services are tailored to each client’s needs. We work with groups and provide one-on-one coaching when appropriate. Contact us to discuss how we can help you build habits of excellence for accelerated results.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If, during the first 30 days of our contract, you do not wish to continue working with us, at your request, Excellerated Performance will refund your investment to date. (If professional development materials are part of an agreement, the cost of those will be deducted from the refund.) Please notify us by email or fax if you wish to do this.