Business Process Services

Achieving process excellence is a strategic advantage in every industry. For strategies to work and people to perform at their best, processes must be efficient and effective.

Yet many organizations still think process improvement takes too much time, too many people, and creates a bureaucracy of ‘quality’ experts. Others appoint a single manager to oversee quality initiatives who may be perceived as the bottleneck when he/she is overwhelmed with projects on top of other responsibilities.

Processes Hold the Company Together

Every organization relies on operational, transactional, administrative, and support processes in functional areas such as sales, manufacturing, customer support, administration and delivery of products and services. Therefore, every business—from manufacturers to knowledge-based service companies—can apply proven methods of process improvement to reduce cycle time (speed) and eliminate errors (variation), also known as Lean Six Sigma.

  • For most organizations, some processes are defined and documented, while others are not and often dependent on individuals’ knowledge, skills and work habits.
  • Over time, changes are made to these processes for a variety of reasons. Waste and inefficiency creep in, causing redundant, non-value work and costly errors.
  • When organizations become dependent on “local knowledge” to keep processes working, and no one takes the time to review, document, update and improve key processes, it puts the business at risk.
  • When people with the knowledge leave, performance can rapidly deteriorate.

Instead, contact Excellerated Performance for a complimentary initial consultation about creating a culture of continuous improvement and process excellence in your company.

Lean Six Sigma Project Management Services
  • We work with clients to achieve process excellence by having certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts identify and lead key projects to lean out waste and inefficiency, eliminate defects and streamline processes.
  • We can also teach your people to apply these tools using a 5-step ‘DMAIC’ (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) project management model to lead their own projects.
“…Throughout the past year, Mike has worked with GRB on its process improvement initiatives using Lean/Six Sigma concepts and practices…While this had the potential to be overwhelming, Mike facilitated the process in a steady, productive manner and much progress was made. Although the initial scope of the project is complete, Mike continues to measure our progress and hold key individuals accountable for their deliverables…Mike has become a true partner to the bank, and I highly recommend his services.”

Allana M. Lazeroff, CTP
Chief Operating Officer
Genesee Regional Bank

EP Frameworx(SM) for Performance Excellence
  • We assess the current state of an organization to analyze specific areas of the leadership and delivery systems.
  • We identify strengths and opportunities for improvement and benchmark performance against standards of performance excellence.
  • Our survey tools and methodology captures the voice of your organization and we provide fact-based feedback to senior leaders who can then take specific follow-up action.
Excellerated Sales Management Services

In today’s economy, resources are more constrained than ever. This harsh reality may preclude hiring a full-time manager to lead the critically important sales function. For some companies, it means one person must manage the sales force while also overseeing other areas of the business. And many business owners find the demands of managing sales people a particularly challenging, emotional and time-consuming task.

Further, there is often a gap between business goals and the sales reps’ ability to meet them. Reasons may include: ineffective oversight; inconsistent or no sales management process; varying skills, abilities and motivations; conflicting sales goals; a lack of training and professional development; ineffective time management.

Put an end to these problems with our Excellerated Sales Management Services.

  • This innovative service enables any business to improve its sales productivity without investing in the total cost of a full-time sales manager.
  • We combine sales leadership and management processes with real-world knowledge and expertise on a contract-for-services basis.
  • It’s turn-key sales management.
Contact us for a complimentary discussion of your specific needs.