Business Process Services

All work is a process and we combine real-world knowledge and expertise to help organizations achieve process excellence.

Process Improvement

A process is a series of actions (steps) required to achieve a specific outcome. Companies that thrive the longest have understood that becoming experts at process improvement—change management—are those that can seize new opportunities and weather changes in the business cycle.


A Strategic Advantage

Achieving process excellence is a strategic advantage in every industry. For strategies to work and people to perform at their best, processes must be efficient and effective. Yet many organizations still think process improvement takes too much time, too many people, and a bureaucracy of ‘quality’ experts. Others appoint a single manager to oversee all quality initiatives who may be perceived as the bottleneck when he/she is overwhelmed with projects on top of other responsibilities.

Processes Hold the Company Together

Every organization relies on operational, transactional, administrative, and support processes in areas such as sales, manufacturing, customer support, administration and delivery of products and services.

Every business—from manufacturers to service companies—can apply proven methods of process improvement to reduce cycle time (speed) and eliminate errors (variation).

For many organizations, some processes are defined and documented. Too often, they are not. In this situation, the organization becomes dependent on individuals’ knowledge. This puts the organization at risk.

  • Changes are often made to processes for a variety of reasons. Over time, waste and inefficiency creep in, causing redundant, non-value work and costly errors.
  • Organizations become dependent on “tribal knowledge” to keep processes working, and no one takes the time to review, document, update or improve them.
  • When people with the process knowledge leave, performance rapidly deteriorates when those who remain don’t have any documentation to help them learn the process.

If these sound familiar, contact Excellerated Performance for a free consultation. We can help you solve these problems and create a culture of process excellence.

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