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lightbulbs_istockphotoExcellerated Performance makes an important distinction between training and development. Training is basically teaching people new skills. Development is getting people to apply their skills and knowledge more effectively, more often. Though knowledge and skills are essential for success, they do not guarantee it. Having the right attitudes and habits, combined with clearly defined goals, are just as important—often more so.

Unfortunately, traditional training, including online training and webinars that have become popular because they seem inexpensive, expose the participants to information once. There is little or no follow-up to ensure it worked.

Excellerated Performance is different. Our approach and process work.

Results Are Driven By Behavior

We know improved results can only happen when people go through positive behavioral change. This requires understanding how four key factors affect people’s performance and determine results: attitudes, skills, knowledge and goal setting. The factors are shown below in our “success formula”:

Attitude (Skills & Knowledge) + Goals => Positive Change => Improved Results

Excellerated Performance professional development processes address all four factors. We customize every program to match our clients’ requirements and build on this proven foundation. We combine pre-program due diligence with research on how people truly learn, professional materials, and highly skilled facilitation. And we follow-up to ensure participants continue to excel and perform based on their experience with us.

Following are six areas we specialize in for professional development. Please contact us to learn more how we can create a program that meet your specific needs.

Leadership Development

Leadership is a strategic imperative in today’s world. Unleashing untapped leadership potential is essential for success. Research shows that most people use only a fraction of their total potential. We help people and organizations develop the requisite attitudes, skills, knowledge and habits required to excel as leaders in their personal and professional lives. This process is a great foundation for individual contributors and managers alike.

“Mike Caceci and Mike Wallace were diligent in determining our specific needs, and tailored a program to fit our unique requirements….Their combined experience was very valuable to our staff in learning and understanding leadership principles and how to set goals… I’ve found that my team has put into practice the critical principles taught in the program and consider the investment in Excellerated Performance well worth it.”

Lorraine Williams
Senior Vice President
Harris Interactive Corporation

Management Leadership

Managers need to possess effective leadership and management skills, positive attitudes and the ability to set specific, measurable goals. Successful managers understand the distinction between management and leadership. They differentiate authority from power and know how to get work done through others. Invest in your managers, and the payback is huge. For less than the total cost of sending your managers to a “one size fits all” seminar or workshop that often generates no results, you can receive a customized management development program based on your real-world needs. This process works well for front line and second level managers—anyone who must get work done through others.

“Thanks for the great instruction on project management to our law enforcement managers. The course critiques were exceptional and solid testimony of the value of your program and instruction. We certainly hope to bring you back in the near future.”

John J. Perrone Jr.
Director, Homeland Security Management Institute
Monroe Community College

Team Leadership

Organizations often rely on first-line supervisors, or shift leads, to be team leaders. These individuals have specific job tasks and oversee others performing similar work. This places the team leader in an unusual position. Are they co-workers, leaders, or managers? Their challenge is to lead others and gain their trust and respect while also performing their own work tasks. Our process helps first-line supervisors learn how to achieve more through goal setting, develop leadership skills and knowledge and gain the confidence they need to succeed in a leadership role.

“Since the training you provided our management team, we have seen a significant change in their habits and attitudes. Our management staff is working much better together and making sure our customers are well taken care of. Many of our staff members are young and it was important for them to see how they should act among their peers and subordinates…Your training was an important part in helping us overcome challenges that we have had in getting our team to work together…We would strongly recommend you to other businesses facing the same challenges. Thanks again for your very important service.”

Russ Herman
Pet$aver Healthy Pet Superstore.

Sales Leadership

Companies often spend thousands of dollars on training their sales force with little to show for it. Why? Because most sales training methods and programs do not address the root causes for why people either succeed or fail in sales. We take our proven success formula and apply it to a unique sales development process. As a result, our clients’ sales people learn how to move beyond the basics.

“Excellerated Performance was the only group we spoke with that had the ability to customize a program to fit the needs and personalities of a diverse, small company sales force. Mike successfully trained our initial group and has been called upon to train all sales staff hired since…What makes Mike and Excellerated Performance stand out from the pack has been his ability to learn about GMR’s products and services and then tailor his training to the individual. He also gives regular feedback and progress reports to management with well thought out, constructive suggestions for individual and/or process improvement…Excellerated Performance has allowed GMR to provide its staff with sales training and insight normally found at much larger companies.”

Roger L. Gutheil
GMR Associates, Inc.

We uncover true motivators and help sales people understand the internal attitudes that may be holding them back from achieving their sales goals. Sales professionals who embrace our methods can become self-motivated, goal-directed high performers. We customize our sales development process to meet the distinct needs of new and experienced sales reps. It is also applicable to business owners and entrepreneurs. Anyone responsible for achieving revenue and profit goals will benefit from the Excellerated Performance sales development process.

“This powerful, positive approach has been a key factor in my success in getting appointments, better understanding my customer’s requirements and, closing deals…Mike taught me overall skills that will greatly influence how I do business from here forward…I know you will find his sales training and leadership program a very unique experience. I highly recommend this to any individual or company that needs to get motivated to achieve their professional and personal objectives.”

Lori Webster
Solutions Consultant
Xerox Global Services

“Mike’s style of engaging people is highly professional, and the coaching, feedback and training he provided to our staff recognized each employee’s knowledge, skills and experience in the IT industry. ..Mike was a great coach for me. I learned a lot about sales management from him and am glad to recommend Mike to others seeking a business or executive coach who is experienced in sales, management and business operations. IV4 will certainly use Mike’s services again…”

Rich Gleason
IV4, Inc.

Customer Loyalty

Customer satisfaction is not enough. Today, customers demand more, and if you can’t meet their ever-rising expectations, customers will simply go somewhere else. It costs eight times more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one. This reality requires everyone in an organization to understand “we all serve the customer.” Our customer loyalty program helps people learn how to think and act with customer loyalty as their #1 priority.

“Our Customer Service Center employees gained valuable insight as to how to provide quality service to our shopper. Your approach to training was also well received, as evidenced by everyone’s willingness to come in on four consecutive Saturday mornings without complaint, even though it was a scheduled day off for several of them. I look forward to working with you again.”

Mike Kauffman
General Manager, Eastview Mall
Wilmorite Corporation.

Time Strategies

Time management is not a management issue. It’s a behavioral issue. It is about managing goals and priorities. Everyone starts each day with the same amount of time. We all measure time the same way: minutes, hours, days, weeks. Yet, while some people “spin their wheels,” others gain the traction required to compete and win.

Successful people view time as an ally. We teach people to develop and apply new habits of thought that empower them to take action. The outcomes for participants include less stress, increased productivity and the ability to achieve more with the time they have.